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Aviary is an avian diary intended to be used by birdwatchers for the hard-copy recording of bird sightings and field observations.

A perfect accompaniment for birdwatchers of any skill level and to be revered for its practicality.

Aviary is for anyone who enjoys being outdoors; from the scientist, the citizen scientist, the artist, the nature lover, the photographer, and even the thrill-seeker.

Within the pages of Aviary:
- 300 illustrative tables for your field observations, sketches, and notes.
- 16 illustrated pages that examine the feathers, bills, feet, and feeding habits of birds from around the world.
- 150 pages dedicated to detailed record-keeping.
- A corresponding list for noting your definitive life list of bird species.
- 80+ bird illustrations scattered throughout the book.
- A step-by-step insight into drawing birds in the field.

Within the book, there is also an introduction to the beauty of birdwatching, basic ethical birding guidelines, pages to list your favourite birdwatching spots, a small world map, an equipment list and even a crossword (crossbird) to pass the time on those long plane or train journeys to your next birding destination.

A world of imagination and discovery awaits those willing to immerse themselves in the world of birds and start keeping an avian diary with Aviary.
Aviary was written, illustrated, designed, manufactured, printed, and bound in Australia. Printed on 89gsm FSC-certified, lead-free, acid-free, buffered paper made from wood-based pulp. The paper meets the ISO 9706 standard for permanent paper. As such, the paper will last several hundred years when stored in an optimal environment. The light texture on this paper is capable of handling graphite pencil, charcoal, pigment ink, watercolour pencils, and water-based inks without bleeding.


Aviary is now available worldwide through Lulu distribution here.


10.8 x 17.46 cm
4.25 x 6.87 in


201 pages.