The Feminine

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Whether you think about it or not, it is apparent that too often we attribute femininity with womanhood and masculinity with manhood. We should first look at the socially constructed constraints attributed to both terms. Once examined, we know that characteristics like gentleness, compassion and tolerance should not be only found in how we socially and culturally construct an image of the feminine. Obversely, being masculine should not confine you to the characteristics of masculinity.

It is this contrast of masculine and feminine that constitutes our existence. The feminine should not dominate any more than the masculine should. We should embrace the collaboration between the two and not meet the two terms with competition. We must not oppose one and nurture the other. They both must be nurtured in the way that counterparts or collaborators are.

When one does not see that these two principles go together, it is the same predicament as losing sight of the fact that the entire universe is made up of an interconnected relationship; just as mountains cannot exist without the valleys between them. When we realise the inescapable relationship between masculine and feminine, up and down, left and right, right and wrong, peak and valley; we start realising the strength of life's polarity. This polarity opens our minds to accept the opposite of what we consider normal and therefore understand life's beauty of opposites.

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